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AGRI-PRO AMBIENTE withholds proper capacities to develop the most complex studies of great industrial units, including petrochemical industry, chemical facilities and energy production by renewable sources.

Besides a profound knowledge of the best available technologies in clean energy production, we make use of simulation programs on atmospheric dispersion of pollutants, granting us the ability to understand these potentially polluting units, and allowing us to diagnose and manage the risks of contamination, both on the ground and in the air.

We have developed studies of great complexity, and our experience extends to all type of Transport Infrastructures, such as Railroads, Roads, Ports, Airports and Pipelines.

Our area of expertise also includes Strategic Development Plans of great dimension, especially in Environmental Sensible Areas.

In the last few years, pursuing a more sustainable global future, AGRI-PRO AMBIENTE has been developing studies on renewable energy sources, such as Wind, Tides and Hydropower, and also Solar energy, Photovoltaic Panels and Hydrogen Cells.

In the scope of clean energy technologies, we also have been operating in High Efficiency Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Stations, and implementing storage parks capable of receiving liquefied natural gas (LNG).

AGRI-PRO AMBIENTE is largely experienced at developing Landfills, and Residues Organic Valuation and Incineration Units, proposing measures to decrease and/or eliminate the environmental impacts generated by this kind of infrastructures.

The use of cartographic instruments and Geographic Information System (GIS) for territorial management, hand in hand with risk analysis, acoustic modulation and atmospheric contamination evaluation, is the backbone of AGRI-PRO AMBIENTEs activity.

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