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Environmental Technologies unit

This specialized team of technicians focuses its extensive expertise and know-how on Industrial Processes, and on De-pollution Technologies and Decontamination Methods.

We point out industrial plants such as Oil Refineries, Thermoelectric Power Plans, Electrical Power Distribution Infrastructures, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Cement Industry, Steel Industry, among others.

In the scope of Mining Areas Remediation, we have been developing Ground Decontamination and Water Treatment projects, along with Landscape Integration.

Also, we have been developing projects for Landfills (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste), Organic Valuation Units equipped with the production and recovery of Biogas, Waste Incineration, Wastewater Treatment Systems and Treatment of Effluents and Gas Emissions

AGRI-PRO AMBIENTE also has a specialized unit in Industrial Hazard, developing appropriate Emergency Plans and Risk Analysis Management, and creating Air, Water and Ground Decontamination Programs

It’s organized in three operative units:

  • Industrial Plans, Energy and Licensing unit
  • Environmental hazards and decontamination unit
  • Liquid, Solid and Gaseous Waste Treatment unit


Helena Ferreira



Paula Marinheiro

Paula Marinheiro

Coordenadora de Departamento



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